13 questions with Alpha

Olteanu Alfred Ionuț. needs no presentation. So, here we go.


1. . Name: Alpha
Nickname and why: :)))))))) Olteanu Alfred Ionuț, short for Olteanu Alfred Ionuț
Age: 21 recently
City: representing Alexandria


2. Describe the kendama to a blind person.

Woooowwww, a piece of wood made of 3 pieces of wood with a thread (laughing constantly).

3. A kangaroo comes through the door. Holding a kendama. Why do you think he has a kendama in his hand and what would he do with it?

Box, to beat me up :)).

4. Since when kendama and why?

Kendama for 4 years. Why? Because I had an exam and I had to find an occupation.

5. First kendama?

Sunrise, black, won’t say from who :)) inside joke.

6. Your song of the 90s?

Im blue da ba di da ba dai and HIQ my crew, I liked it, I like it.

7. The last gift you gave?

The last gift I gave?! A, T-shirts, a very nice tee.

8. How often do you listen to or hum a song until you hate?

The worst is when I do not know what I’m humming, until I find the song. and the last verse.


9. Who would you allow to hit you in the face?

My mom, I would let my mom do it.

10. Dog or cat?

Moooaaaaa, do you know how this is!? Eggplant salad or beuf salad? Moaaa, baaa, doo… caaaa… no… DOG!!!

11. How many bottles of wine did you drink in your life before you had the chance to even pour a glass?

When I was 14 I drank bull’s blood wine, after that I drank with my dad at the grill and recently, for the past 3 years I started drinking … so about 100.

12. On a scale of 1 to 13 how weird are you?

Um … with indulgents … a 7.

13. Last question and perhaps the most important: What do you think Taz dreams about at night?

Given that he beats me up when I sleep with him and he beats up anyone, some rock, punk starlet. Brilliant, brilliant!

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