13 questions with Vlad aka Shao

We met Vlad at the first ever Shukar Kendama contest organized in Bucharest, back in 2014, a competition between friends in a very cute location, and since then we haven’t managed to get rid of him.

Recently became one of the people to spread the word about New Toy Town. We questioned him a little bit because we want to you to know him better. Here’s the result:


1. Name, nickname (and why), age, city?

Vlad Tintarean, Shaorma / Shao – I got the nickname when I was a dancer and a bit plump, I ate so much shaorma that I no longer wanted anything else in life, 22, Braşov.

2. Since when kendama and why?

I play with the kendama for over 2 years. The first kendama I saw was at Street Heroes in Bucharest, where I played for a bit and forgot about it. After a while, a friend came to Brasov with a kendama and so I began to play.

3. First kendama?

I received my first kendama from my girlfirendfriend – my Beautiful Ramona – a Sunrise Metallic Green. I loved that kendama – Lord, Lord! Also by this means I want to thank Also by this means I want to thank Ramona very much!

4. Say a Penguin comes through the door holding a kendama. What do you think he would say and why did he come?

Quite a strange question:)). But if I see a penguin with a kendama in hand, surely he is looking for me to play a Ken!

5. Your song of the 90s?

Hmm, favorite song from the 90s … James Brown – This is a man’s world, I think. That’s what came to mind at the moment.

6. What is the funniest thing that happened to you lately?

The funniest moment … I think it happened when I as coming back a week ago from Bucharest. When I reached Gara de Nord to buy my ticket I realized that I hadn’t enough money. At which point I started looking for people I might know throughout the station to get money, an aunt, an uncle, a cousin, etc. (and he’s laughing like a mad man).

7. The last gift you gave?

The last gift was a hat that I gave to a friend. She liked it very much.

8. In an average week, how many times do you sing in the shower?

Well, I would say, I sing in the shower quite rarely. But I have my moments like every ordinary man who sings in the shower.


9. What super power would you like to have?

A super power you say? I think I would want to teleport myself. So that Alfred can stop complaining that I don’t come to Bucharest as soon as possible to drink a beer or to go to a huge party.

10. If you were 80 years, what would you say to children playing with kendama?

First to reach the age of 80 years. I would advise children to play with kendama in the true sense of the word. To study the kendama and its foundations, what kendama truely means. To not just play with it because it’s cool or some hipsterness – I heard it 123456 times: Freakin’ hipser look at him playing with that thing :)).

11. 3 things you take with you on a desert island apart from food and water?

If I had to choose three things I’d like to have on an island would be very simple: hook, rod and a machete – or another rod! As a fisherman you’ll always want as many rods as possible!

The first Shukar Kendama contest in Bucharest

12. Dogs or cats?

Certainly Dog, Golden Retriever for life!

13. And the last question and perhaps the most important: What do you think Alpha dreams about?

I think the last question is the coolest :)) What Alpha dreams of? I think he’s starting to dream about how it would be like to manage 100 juggle bird and miss the spike :)) he’s dreaming he’s having a beer in Fire or somewhere. Or maybe a lit Peter Burger. Thanks for the interview, got to go get the pizza out of the oven! Kisses!

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