The ordering procedure is very simple, just follow the steps on the site.

  1. Select the “Shop” section to view all the stocked products.
  2. After choosing the preferred model, click “Add to basket”.
  3. Notice the “Shopping Cart” in the top right corner, clicking it will direct you to the “Cart” page for checking out.
  4. To complete the order click on “Proceed to checkout”, at which point you will be directed to the “Checkout details” page.
  5. On the “Checkout details” page, please fill out all the details regarding the dispatch (name and surname; full address – street, building number, apartment, floor, city, county; e-mail address; telephone number; post code). Also, if you wish to tell us something in particular (reference point for the address, a request relating to the order, etc.), please fill out the “Other notes” section.
  6. After successfully filling out the sections regarding the delivery, click “Place order”.

Congratulations! You have placed a valid order on our website!

Please also verify the e-mail address that you have given us to see if we have received an order confirmation e-mail from us. Also, if for any reason, after receiving an order confirmation message, you do not wish to receive the parcel, we would greatly appreciate it if you would let us know via telephone or e-mail, for the purpose of avoiding additional delivery costs that we would be obliged to pay. Thank you for understanding!

For any questions or concerns you can reach us on this phone number: 0747 673 031, or this email address:


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